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Can You Get Rid of Vertigo With Ginger

If you are like me then you’ve had vertigo so bad that you feel the water inside your ears. This is a terrible feeling and finding anything that can help relieve the unpleasant symptoms is a blessing. We get emails from people all the time asking can you get rid of vertigo with ginger?

There are many different home remedies for vertigo and chances are you’ve tried at least one of them. Ginger is actually one of my favorite remedies that I’ve personally used to help with vertigo symptoms I was experiencing like dizziness, nausea, and motion sickness.

Can you get rid of vertigo with ginger?

The answer is yes if you use it right. Keep in mind though that just because ginger is effective for one person doesn’t mean it’ll work as well for you.


Don’t be surprised that ginger can help with vertigo, as sailors have been using it for centuries to treat motion sickness and nausea due to being at sea for extended periods of time. The root of ginger is what’s used for it’s medical benefits, which include a lot more than just motion sickness.

Ginger may not be a vertigo cure, but it is definitely a great way to get relief from symptoms fast. However, some of our readers reported to us that they were able to stop vertigo from returning once they started taking 3 to 4 ginger capsules daily.

How Does it Work for Vertigo

There is no concrete evidence as to why ginger helps relieve vertigo symptoms so well in some people. However, many speculate it’s because ginger contains certain properties that help send more blood flow towards the brain, which helps stop symptoms of vertigo.

How To Use Ginger

There are a number of different ways you can use ginger to get rid of vertigo. How you use ginger will depend on what feels more comfortable for you. Some people are fine with chewing on raw ginger root, while others hate the taste so they take capsules.

Thankfully there are different forms of ginger that doesn’t leave behind the ginger taste in your mouth as bad as the raw root. Some of these include the powdered form, tea, supplements, pills, and oil.

Raw Ginger

how to get rid of vertigo home remedies

Using raw ginger is definitely the cheapest way to take advantage of ginger for vertigo. After you purchase the raw ginger all you will need to do then is peel it. After you peel it slice it up and chew on it the next time you experience a vertigo attack.

Ginger Capsules

how long does vertigo last

Ginger capsules are very convenient since you can carry them with you anywhere you go and can take them anytime you feel an attack coming on. The great thing about these capsules is the fact that you can take them as a way to prevent vertigo attacks from coming on.

Take a ginger capsule every 4 hours during the day to help prevent your symptoms from showing up and ruining your day. We recommend 500 mgs of ginger capsules and take it on an empty stomach right before you eat a meal.

Ginger Tea

epley maneuver for vertigo

You can use the fresh raw ginger root to make a tea that will help keep your symptoms at bay. To make the tea slice or grate up a decent piece of the root and then steep it in boiling water for about ten minutes. To make this tea a little tastier you can add some honey to it and then drink.

Video Demonstration:

Ginger Oil

vertigo treatment exercises

Another way to use ginger for vertigo is to get it in its oil form. With the oil form you will have to apply the ginger topically to your neck, head, and around your ears. Simply apply some of the oil on your fingertips and then rub it on the aforementioned areas to give yourself the relief you need.

You can find ginger capsules, supplements, and pills at your local health food store. When you experience another vertigo attack take a ginger capsule and wait at least 30 minutes for symptoms to subside.

Ginger Juice

how to cure vertigo permanently

Making a juice out of ginger is really simple. Peel and cut the ginger up into small pieces and place it in a glass of water. Now place the cup of water in the microwave and heat it up for about a minute and a half.

Remove the cup from the microwave and strain the ginger root from the water using a strainer. You can put a few drops of honey and add a lemon to the juice as well to help give it more flavor.

Once again there are many different home remedies for vertigo. Some of these include exercises, physical therapy routines, and diet changes. Ginger is among the best options available when it comes to a natural treatment for vertigo. It’s definitely a great alternative to side-effect filled medications being prescribed for motion sickness and nausea due to vertigo.

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